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Sales retreats. Holiday parties. Off-sites. Conferences. Recruiting events. Product launches. All of these are incredibly important events, and it's vital to make sure people stay engaged and have fun. That's where Anish comes in. As a former Yale MBA and McKinsey consultant, he speaks your language and gets your needs. And as a comedian, he knows how to bring these events to life and make them unforgettable and filled with laughs. 


Organizations Anish Has Worked With

Charity events have a lot riding on them. The goal is to raise hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars, so these events have to be both impactful and fun. That's where Anish comes in. He has performed at the world's biggest charity events at venues like Washington D.C's Kennedy Center, New York's Chelsea Piers, and San Francisco's Legion of Honor. 

Organizations bring Anish back year after year, because he takes great care to make sure he gets to know the charity, the speakers, and the themes for the night. Then he blends all that research with tasteful comedy to create a heartfelt and hilarious performance that feels  perfectly tailored to the event. 


Check Out Anish Performing at a Private Event

Whether you want an emcee, a keynote address, or just pure hilarious stand-up comedy, Anish has done it all. He's performed all over the world at places like Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and Harvard Business School. Anish will work with you to create a funny, clean, and memorable evening for your company.                    

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