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B-School Made Me Funny is the funniest, smartest, and most "must-see" comedy show that's been designed for B-School students

(Also, it's the only comedy show that's been designed for B-School students.) The show launched in Fall 2012 and features a one-hour comedy set that talks about: 

- How I got into B-School at 24 with a 2.41 undergrad GPA
- Why it would suck to be a Project Manager for The Joker
- My improbable journey from Yale to McKinsey to Comedy

Each show will also feature three competitors from local business schools competing for the title of "Funniest B-School Student!"

It will be a great show that will almost make me forget that, eight years after graduating, I'm just as poor as I was in B-School. And just as happy.





Why/how did B-School actually make you funny?

Comedy is all about performing in the moment. When you go out "networking" with classmates til 3 a.m, wake up cuddling with a burrito, skim the case on the way to class, and get cold called to present learn to perform in the moment...and to make friends with the Asian girl who always shows you her case write up.

Were you not funny before?

I was funny, but business school changed me. When you are in an environment where it's perfectly acceptable to utter the phrase, "Let's throw it up a flagpole and see who salutes," you either have to laugh at yourself or realize that you kind of suck.

What are the top 3 funniest thing about business school?

1. I-Bankers who think they will like their jobs.
2. If you're at a B-School party, look at each of the drunk children...some of them will be responsible for an economic collapse.
3. Thanksgiving Weekend break-up stories.

What was the tipping point that made you decide that you wanted to leave the corporate world and pursue comedy full-time?

I just thought to myself, "What could I do to disappoint my parents the most?" This is what I came up with. It worked.

Describe your comedy career in business terms.

My ability to pay rent is at risk so I am going to tour business schools because there is a synergy between my ability to make corporate jokes and your ability to give me the $25 in your pocket.

If you could apply a "consulting" approach to comedy, how would you do so?

The primary skill in both consulting and comedy is telling customers a good story. The difference is that in comedy customers heckle you cuz they're drunk. In consulting, clients heckle you cuz of some bullshit you wrote in PowerPoint...

Why do you think it's important that business school students come to see your show? What can they learn/takeaway from your story/jokes?

Everyone who comes to my show gets a job at McKinsey. I swear. Honestly, when I was in business school, I wrote out my 10-year plan and put it in my pocket. To this day, I carry that plan around and look at it. Mostly so I can laugh at it. I was supposed to be a CEO by now who was jetsetting around the world living a life of luxury. As it turns out, I'm not a CEO and I am thinking of switching my hotel loyalty from Super 8 to Motel 6. The point is, it's been a crazy ride and it's one that I think b-school students will enjoy. I know I did.

If you didn't go to business school, do you think you'd still be a comedian? Explain.

I'd probably still be a comedian, but I'd have an extra $100,000 and my wireless password wouldn't be "I hate Sallie Mae."

Frequently Asked Questions

(and by frequently, I mean asked by me to myself one time)​

The 2016-2017 B-School Tour is currently being planned.  ​
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