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Bring Hilarity To Your Charity

Charity events have a lot riding on them
The goal is to raise hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars, so these events have to be both compelling and fun. That's where Anish comes in.
He is a comedian that has performed at the world's biggest charity events at the Kennedy Center, the Plaza Hotel, and many other venues around the globe.  He can act as your Master of Ceremonies, your Auctioneer, your after dinner entertainment, or all of the above!

The Results

Anish has helped charities raise millions and often is able to substantially increase or even double last year's fundraising. Most charity events have 20-50% participation in terms of donations.

In the picture below, we asked everyone who donated at recent charity gala to raise a candle in the air. As you can see, Anish got nearly 100% participation! Fill out the form below to inquire about Anish's services!

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